3rd August 2012

Reflections on Getting a New Hip – Life Changes in 44 Hours

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Hip Replacements are rather common medical procedures these days – I thought to write some personal reflections on the process. My reflections will be posted in several segments – I’m writing post-surgery – my length of sitting time at the computer will be limited – movement and physio-therapeutic exercises take precedence to writing a blog.

First, a short introduction to the medical procedure to become informed.

Basic Hip Replacement Procedures:

Anticipating the medical procedure:

As with any major invasion of our bodies, I don’t think, I’m unique to have some pre-operation concerns and feelings. It is very assuring to review the success rates of this specific operation. Although I had some unease as I went in for the surgery, I had great confidence in the expertise of a highly renowned surgeon (Dr. Clive Duncan – Vancouver, BC Canada) and also my personal conviction of faith that our “days are numbered” and in “God’s Hands”. I also had great comfort, that many people prayed for me while undergoing the surgery – an added benefit by belonging to the ‘Family of God’.

The Surgery — In and Out in 44 hours

The next posting provides some insight into the hospital surgery experience – it might be helpful to others to be prepared.

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