22nd July 2012

Why Haven’t You Blogged?

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“OK – Why was your last blog so long ago?”

That’s what friends are for — straight-forward, “Why?”
Then the typical answer,
“I’ve been very busy — so many things to do, so many other demands on my time.”
Surely, I can respond more intelligently.

Life involves the passage of time — everyone is allocated the same amount while alive — 24 hours per day for the number of days we’ve been allotted. How we spend that time is a matter of personal choice — more correctly many choices we make every single hour, minute by minute.

So … why didn’t I write?
Right … it’s a reflection of my many choices of my activities that superceded the choice to write.

OK … there are the basics of living — sleeping, eating … all of that but now come the choices: I keep up with the news (too much so … TV, Macleans, The Economist, Business Week, …); yes, I did watch a fair bit of basketball (more as the playoffs rolled around); high interest programs on TV (some travel, some ‘Megastructures’, some Discovery Channel, oh – Beautiful Mind, and … and … ; TOO much TV — yes, that’s a biggie! More choices I (we – including Ruth) have made: travel, photo processing, etc.. Then, the choices to be involved with people: family, friends, neighbours, new acquaintances. I can enumerate more ways to account for my time that’s passed.

So what, why go into that?
Time to take stock. Every action involves a commitment of time. The choice I make reflects what’s important to me at that moment.

‘Live in the Moment’, we are told. OK — there is merit to spontaneity — many moments are special and in hindsight they were choices that we treasure or regret. But — I cannot live most of my life by letting the moments dictate my choices. Some moments (some would argue, every and all moments) are distinct ‘God Moments’ — people encounters that lift us up or contribute to the lives of others; ‘God Moments’ of intervention — “Wow, that was close!” or “The way these events went down, I can’t claim credit for — God intervened!”

I admit, I don’t just ‘live in the moment’ — for the most part, I choose deliberately what I do.
I do what I enjoy — if possible (no pressing demands to take care of the business of life — participating as a partner in home life, fulfilling obligations, etc.), I head outside to prune bonsai-style — consider how trees and shrubs will look more interesting and stay small in limited yard spaces. Now, that is almost a passion — it may even be considered a ‘waste of time’ by some. Now, we’re getting closer to the real answer, I choose to prune rather than write.
Why?Severely pruned Junipet
Do I enjoy pruning more than writing?
It looks that way but it’s probably more complicated than that.
Really? Why so?
I do enjoy writing — I can express myself without anyone listening and taking me up on it immediately. Feedback and responses are welcome after I expressed myself. Aha — do I write only because someone will read? Oh — in that case, it’s not really for self-gratification only — the payoff is the interaction with others. There is benefit that derives from the exchange of ideas with others who think it worthwhile to exchange ideas.2-Yr Growth after Pruning
Now, I need to assess this — pruning vs writing …
If I prune, I cannot write (not at the same time). It is a choice … to prune, to write.
Today, I am writing … I’m responding to a direct question: “Why haven’t you written?”
Well, no one had noticed. If no one cares, should I write?
If I write, will someone read, will someone care, will someone respond?
If so, is that the payoff? Will that be the reward, someone cares if I write?
I’m not so sure, some have written wonderful books. Did they write because someone would read? What was or is the payoff — what brings satisfaction?

Am I writing this because someone will read?
I am writing this to answer the question to myself.

Firstly, ideas that rise to the top need expression.
First, to clarify them to myself — to write means to clarify.
Should someone read my self-expressions, that leads to an opportunity for dialogue — that is satisfying, further exploration of ideas and concepts.

The economist in me is prompting — why not recognize that everything is a ‘trade off’, every action has an opportunity cost — something else is given up — one action is valued over another.

Not to belabour this — after all, it’s responding to an innocent question.
I haven’t written because my perceived payoff — self-expression, potential responses to my meandering thoughts was perceived to be lower than the enjoyment or valuing of other pursuits.

Allright — anyone have another analysis — “why didn’t you write?”

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