Pruning Examples
Before and After Comparisons

Examples and ‘Before and After Comparisons’ are a good way to see the difference between the all-too-common shaving technique and selective hand pruning. Each example can be viewed in larger size pic by clicking on the smaller samples. (by The Pruning Guy)
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Before Pruning

After Pruning




Typical case of mature shrub (Chamaecyparis) that had previously only been pruned by shaving. This resulted in an ‘overgrown bush’ with ugly dead material under the green outer shell.

By handpruning, main branches were selected and shaped, allowing light and moisture to create healthy future growth and development.



Two samples of handpruned shrubs - chamaecyparis and laurel) - both have been consistently handpruned over many years, resulting in bonsai-style shapes with healthy growth and esthetically pleasing design.



Sample of Juniper shrubs over 35 yrs old:
> at Left - fully covered after last pruning (4 yrs ago)
> at Right - pruned and already showing fresh ‘bushing growth’ after 2 months



Two samples of handpruned shrubs -
both were a mess with intertwined, twisted and dead  branches internally -
handpruning created simplified structure with airiness for these two shrubs to thrive with healthy new growth and to look beautiful



Fresh Sprouting on mature juniper branches about a month after handpruning to clear out old dead growth of cluttered, intertwined branches (Click to see larger pic)

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