Rejuvenation and Transformation through Severe Pruning

It’s not unusual and uncommon to end up with shrubs or trees that have grown vigorously for some time. In some climate zones, like the ‘Wet Coast’ (BC’s West Coast) the time frame could even be every couple of years.

Certain shrubs can be pruned quite severely and will respond quite quickly with vigorous, fresh buds and shoots -- given favorable growing conditions.

An illustration sequence of severely pruning a divider Camellia Hedge is shown below.
An incredible transformation in 10 weeks.    >>> Click on any small pic version to see larger photos


Camellia Hedge pruned severely - almost only main trunks without side branches but with some remaining top growth tips to keep sap flowing up
(pruned in Spring after blooming
June 2, 2018)

Close-Up of pruned main trunks --
showing ‘shower watering’ from top --
2-3 times a week
to stimulate budding and shoots

Aug 20, 2018 -- 10 weeks later!!!
incredible amount of fresh growth
of new branching
Hedge is filling in fully as
before pruning






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An overgrown, messy, previously shaved old Rhododendron with very weak, floppy, dangling branches was
severely pruned to selected main trunks
with a few leaves at the tips (in July).

The owner followed directions to sprinkle (shower) the shrubs from above (2-3 times a week) -- to stimulate fresh buds and shoots.

Photo at right of the rejuvenated Rhodo shrub was taken about 8 weeks later (Sept).
The transformation is nothing of incredible -- passers by commented on the fresh luscious growth and beauty of the shrub.




Severe Pruning
Next Year Follow Up

Again-- a very old, messy Rhodo was given a severe pruning routine --
select main trunks and
saw off other major branches
to result in a simplified form.
Leaves at tips of trunks and branches are retained to assure sap flow.

Follow Up Pruning to refine the shrub’s shape and form next year.

Pruning Guy