Testimonials and Commendations to the Pruning Guy

A case of someone who desired to learn the concepts and techniques of appropriate pruning of a variety of shrubs and trees in their yard:

    It was my privilege to learn how to prune shrubs, bushes, and trees from a master. Walter has taught me the art and science of pruning by working with me for several days. In the process, he has generously shared his knowledge and skills with me and transformed our yard. Walter is the ideal teacher: caring, encouraging, and inspiring. I highly recommend him as a ‘Pruning Mentor’ and to perform shrub and tree pruning.                                   (Bea)
Follow-up testimonial to pruning service provided in the neighbourhood:
      We live in an attractive neighbourhood where every homeowner strives to surround their property with a ‘perfect yard’.
      Our yard began to deteriorate. It was overgrown, junipers had become very large, not only dead and dry inside but dying alltogether. We had no idea how to remedy the situation. Then, our trusted not too distant neighbour, Walter Behnke, offered his wisdom and services.
      Little did we know, that he had extensive knowledge of trees and shrubs, their characteristics, and growth requirements. Using his expertise of pruning, which revitalizes shrubs and encourages fresh growth, he created a renewed front yard.
      Thanks to Walter, our yard looks beautiful again. We are very pleased with the results. We highly recommend his sound advice and masterful pruning services to anyone who wants their shrubs to be revitalized to a beautiful and healthy state.                                                  (Dr. K. G.)

Pruning Guy