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Into Darkness Comes Light (Dec 2021)

Promise to people living in Darkness …         … so needed – throughout History and in the Present   “The people that walk about in darkness see a great light; they who dwell in the land of the shadow of death,                                                 upon them a light shines.”    (Isaiah 9:2) Historically when it was proclaimed (about 730 BC),people experienced oppression and…

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2020 — Opposing Forces — ‘Worlds Colliding’

It is Mid-Year 2020 — who could have predicted the upheavals to be experienced in this year?  Here is what we see … Covid-19A Global Pandemic of huge impact world-wide ‘China Flu’, ‘Kung Flu’ — “just a flu, it’ll soon be gone”“Fewer cases if there were fewer tests” ‘Lock Downs’ with severe restrictions on personal freedom ‘Let’s Carry on…

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Everyone an Influencer-Leader

Everyone is an Influencer-Leader YES – YOU TOO! EVERYONE! In everyday life, everyone interacts with someone. Every interaction, every interpersonal moment influences and affects another or others in some way. Who We Are – What We Say – What We Don’t Say – How We Act >>> Affect Others! We have also heard it said many times: “Actions Speak Louder than…

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Let ‘Agape’ Love In

Incredibly Inspirational – Let ‘Agape Love’ Into Your Life … A ‘Fresh Look’ at ‘How Agape Love Can Work in You’ ‘Agape’ –  is the ancient Greek word for unconditional affection. It is the purest form of love imaginable. Access this talk delivered October 15, 2017 It is: Incredibly Inspirational Life-Changing – if you act on it Link to…

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Finding Purest Love

Love …   Who doesn’t seek LOVE?  The question is: “What kind of love?”   LOVE is such an elastic word in the English language…  This ONE word in English –  LOVE  –  has been given the task of covering a LOT of ground: (The following is quoting Darin Latham as an introduction to a much deeper examination of the…

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Larry Walters – “The Lawn Chair Pilot” – An Inspiring Person

Lawn Chair Larry - Ready to Fly

Larry Walters – an Inspiring Person … “A man can’t just sit around.”               Larry Walters                  An abbreviated version of Larry Walters as ‘Flying Man’ provides the backdrop for claiming that inspiration can be found from this man’s life … From Wikipedia and other sources (abbreviated): Walters had often dreamed of…

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