Walter Behnke

Professional Activities as College Educator (1971-2004)

  • > workshops and conference presentations,
    including international, cross-cultural settings 
    in such content areas as: Multi-Dimensional Learning and Assessment,
    computer-assisted learning, multimedia and graphics presentations,
  • > curriculum and CAI, CBL development specialization
    (including work in the area of Applied Academics)
  • > teaching (facilitating learning) in the areas of geography, economics, and computer studies with an emphasis on Multiple Intelligences and Project Learning approaches
  • > developed and delivered a new program for professionals in the public and private sectors to offer Online Education for a broad range of content and skill development areas (before online delivery became a ‘main stream’ activity).
  • > created various Online Education websites
  • > Consultant — for Online/eLearning Development
    -created  ‘
    VCC Learns’ (an organizational website) for the development of organizational learning and
    online Employee Skills Development

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