WWB’s Yard – ‘Create Beauty from Ashes’

WWB's Japanese Garden - Spring 2015

Repurposing Gathered and Scavenged Resources to Create Garden Features

The concept is simple …
“See things around you from different perspectives”

  • Gather what’s provided by Nature (find pictures in the Gallery below)
    Squirrels plant ‘Oak Trees’, Maples, Fir Trees scatter seeds …
    When is the best time to start a ‘Bonsai‘? When you find a young tree.
  • Collect rocks, driftwood, stumps … 
    Use imagination and vision to Create Features, integrate, build, stabilize soil, …
    (see pics – Note: Granite Bench, Stone Face)
  • Repurpose fireplace stone facings and Create Features (see pics – Note: ‘Mont Blanc’)
    Find usable resources from ‘home demolitions’ 

(1) From Seedlings to Bonsais 

(2) Collected Rocks and Driftwood Features