Into Darkness Comes Light (Dec 2021)

Promise to people living in Darkness …
         … so needed – throughout History and in the Present


“The people that walk about in darkness see a great light;
they who dwell in the land of the shadow of death,
                                                upon them a light shines.”  
  (Isaiah 9:2)
  • Historically when it was proclaimed (about 730 BC),people experienced oppression
    and faced ‘the shadow of death’.
  • Such a setting can easily be pictured throughout the unscrolling of human history right into
    Present Times with recurring waves of occupations and refugees, storms of oppression and abuse,
    and the depths of darkness and shadows of death hanging over depressed and addicted individuals.

Escape Darkness Into the Light

Assurance is Given … 

  • “see a great light and a light shines” promises that
    God desires to reach out and relate to people living in a dark world
    and ‘staring into the shadow of death’.
  • The season of Advent and Christmas focuses our attention on Emmanuel – God with us
    through the arrival of Jesus Christ who later proclaimed the Good News for all to see:
“I am the Light to the World
            and those who follow me
            will experience life-giving light,
            and they will never walk in darkness.”       (John 8:12)

Make it a Personal Experience … Listen and Contemplate

I Have Seen the Light

I Have Seen the Light

Wishing You a Wonderful and Joyous Season,
filled with ‘The Light of His Presence’


WWB’s Seasonal Selections (Link)

  1. In the Bleak Midwinter – Instrumental (Arr. Chris Tolley)
  2. Gustav Holst: In the Bleak Midwinter (Orchestral Arrangement)
  3. O come, O come, Emmanuel – (Piano/Cello) – The Piano Guys Mix