2020 — Opposing Forces — ‘Worlds Colliding’

It is Mid-Year 2020 — who could have predicted the upheavals to be experienced in this year? 

Here is what we see …

A Global Pandemic of huge impact world-wide
‘China Flu’, ‘Kung Flu’ — “just a flu, it’ll soon be gone”
“Fewer cases if there were fewer tests”
‘Lock Downs’ with severe restrictions on personal freedom ‘Let’s Carry on Normally’ — ‘ce la vie’ —
“carry on, let it be”
‘Face Masks — “protect others to reduce the spread” ‘No Need to Cover’ — “it’s a sign of fear and submission”
Racial-Cultural Upheavals Race Wars
‘Peaceful Protests’ against Racial Injustice/Oppression ‘Anarchy, Looting, Rioting’ — “trampling Law and Order”

2020-Minneapolis Protests

2020 – Rioters start Fires

On and on it goes … 
In our minds, we keep rolling videos of the ‘ebb and flow’ of the masses in the streets of world cities.
We see ongoing replays of confrontations of brutal life experiences and the revisiting and reinterpreting of peoples’ historical engagements. 

  • When will the chaos in the streets come to an end?
  • When will the cacophony of so many dissonant voices become more comprehensible?
  • When will directionless marching and yelling
    lead to charting a course with clear focus and meaningful action?

Perhaps, it becomes necessary to leave the confusion at ground level and 
‘soar higher to gain an eagle’s view’ and perceive different perspectives

In June 2020, two significant talks were delivered in Vancouver BC, Canada:

Tim Hague Sr.

1. June 21, 2020 — Fathers’ Day Message
Provides great insights and wisdom to issues of race and prejudice. 
(online delivery due to Covid-19)

Pastor Darin LathamDarin Latham
Lead Pastor 
Broadway Church

2. June 28, 2020 — What is the Biblical response to racism?
A scriptural basis for addressing racism and establishing a Christian position.
(Handout to accompany this talk — Sermon Notes 2020-06-28)