Finding Purest Love

Love …  

Who doesn’t seek LOVE? 

The question is:
“What kind of love?”


LOVE is such an elastic word in the English language… 
This ONE word in English –  LOVE  – 
has been given the task of covering a LOT of ground:

(The following is quoting Darin Latham as an introduction
to a much deeper examination of the concept of LOVE)

I “love” my WIFE …   
I “love” my BORDER COLLIE …   
I “love” my MINI COOPER … 
I “love” God … 
I “love” M&M’s … 
I “love” my family… 

Can you see the problem here?

You see the confusion around our concept of love in our popular music … 

Growing up, if I depended upon POP RADIO for my LOVE education, 
I would have been in SERIOUS trouble.

Just think of the songs that were DRILLED into my head when I was younger…

The BEATLES sang, “ALL YOU NEED Is Love” 
but then NINE INCH NAILS informed me that “Love Is NOT ENOUGH” 
while Air Supply told me that it’s possible to be “ALL OUT Of Love.” 

Okay, so is love a FEELING? 

Well, ELTON JOHN sang, “Can You FEEL The Love Tonight?” 
but BOSTON sang that it’s “MORE Than A Feeling” .

So is love just a PSYCHOLOGICAL state then?

BEYONCE claimed she was “CRAZY In Love” 
and FREDDIE MERCURY’S biggest problem was this “CRAZY little thing called love”
But THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY told me that it’s MORE than a MINDLESS experience 
because they sang, “I THINK I Love You”.

Is love NECESSARY for a healthy relationship?

NOT according to TINA TURNER. 
SHE sang, “What’s love but a SECOND HAND emotion?”

Yes, but SHANIA TWAIN DISAGREED and declared,
“If you’re NOT in it for love, I’m OUT of here”.

Is love reserved just for PEOPLE? 
Can you ONLY love HUMANS?

while QUEEN sang, “I’m in love with my CAR” 
and millions of AMERICANS singing ‘God Bless America’, 
claim it’s “the LAND that I love.”

Maybe ELVIS was RIGHT when HE said, “Only FOOLS fall in love …” 
But if THAT’S true, what do I do with the song, “JESUS loves me?”

Can you see the problem?

English is [not just] a little WEAK in communicating
the DEPTH of the concept of LOVE.

We only have ONE word for the ENTIRE dynamic.

The Ancient Greeks didn’t have that problem. 
The Ancient Greeks had FOUR words to cover this territory!

Alright … time to check into this …
Much deeper insights to be gained … 
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Purest Love Imaginable

Purest Love Imaginable