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I like following
the news,
technological change--
computers and telecommunications;
cars, trucks, airplanes.
When it comes to cars, I am most interested in what is meaningful and appropriate for us--not the whole gamut that’s out there.

Others might benefit from my personal interest by following some of the internet links that lead to useful sites.

A few items that have come my way that should be
Good for a Laugh ...

Computer Technology

Here are some terrific sites to learn about or to keep up with computer technology:

  • How Stuff Works is a terrific learning site for a broad range of interests, including Computers and Internet
  • Similarly, whatis?com is another great learning site.
  •  Technology News to keep up
    also check the more specific ZDNet Computing News

  •  technology news from a Canadian perspective

  •  one of the great sites to catch up on computer technology--news, reviews, and much much more.

  • a terrific source of computer information and PC World reviews of computer technology.
    Check Top Ten lists of reviews.

  • Great for Tips and How Tos on Computing -
    in Plain English.

Local Computer Shopping

I wouldn’t buy anything if I didn’t first check prices
at NetLink Computers in Burnaby, BC

Car Sites:

A couple of sites dealing with cars, automotive information:


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