“Can Science and Faith Coexist?” – OR – “Is God Opposed to Science?”

Science - Faith - the Existence of God

“Can Faith and Science Coexist?” – OR – “Is God Opposed to Science?”

The first of these headings was addressed in a Scientific American Blog by John Horgan – here is the response by John Lennox also in the Scientific American Blog.

The second was the topic of a sermon delivered by Darin Latham at Broadway Church (Vancouver, BC-CA).

In both cases they are also a confirmation of a most inspiring historical giant in the realm of serious scientific pursuit and the execution of the scientific method – Sir Isaac Newton (headlined in the parent page ‘Inspiring People‘)

Some key points worth considering regarding the matter of ‘science and faith’ (derived from the D. Latham sermon):

  1. What does science study?
    Science studies the physical and natural world – science studies ‘creation’.
  2. What does theology study?
    Theology studies the metaphysical and supernatural world – theology studies the ‘creator’.

What about an overlap of these two areas of study?

  1. Theology makes science possible by subscribing to the concept of an ‘ordered world’.
  2. Science aids theology by verifying and falsifying some theological claims.
    Religions should be ‘seen’ under the ‘scientific lens’.
Test of Faith - Spiritual Journeys with Scientists

Test of Faith – Spiritual Journeys with Scientists


Faith and Science do Coexist
The world is blessed with a multitude of scientists of faith who are leaders in their various fields of scientific expertise.

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watch some interview video clips with renowned scientists –
tip – scroll down to Dr. Jennifer Wiseman – NASA and
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