WWB’s Japanese Garden

The space once occupied by an old 1940’s shed-type garage has been transformed into a small Japanese Garden--a quiet retreat with a bubbling fountain. A favorite spot for a variety of birds to enjoy a ‘jacuzzi’ bath.

Picture taken Spring 2000 with a small von Boscop apple tree, growing in a container, in full bloom.
Let’s hope for a good crop this year.

The path leads over the bridge to a secluded corner with two chairs for relaxation and meditation inspired by the beauty of creation, bird-song, and babbling water.

Summer Time
in the garden--

the Stargazer Lily is a perennial ‘repeat performer’. It abounds with more blooms each year--
this August 2000 there were 18 absolutely gorgeous flowers on this plant. 

And the fragrance ... intoxicating!

Autumn 2003
First harvest --
Fig Tree in a container


Autumn 2000
in the Japanese garden--

The small (4’) apple tree usually carries 15 to 20 apples. This year only two apples survived the July hailstorm.
Ripe and picked in October.

The ‘von Boscop’ apple makes for a delicious ‘apple crisp or baked apple’ dessert.

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